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The Eighth International Ruby Conference, A.K.A. RubyConf 2008 was held in Orlando, Florida on November 6-8 of 2008. For more information on the conference you can click on the logo above or any of these links:
Including lightening talks there are a total of 85 presentations available on video below. Enjoy them!

We invite you to watch Gregg Pollack's RubyConf in 31 minutes or his 90 second version to the left.

Unfortunately we don't know everyone in the community by name, so if you presented a lightning talk and there is an ellipsis in place of your name, send us an email and we will correct it, also if the title of your lightening talk needs to be altered let me know. If you discover any issues with the videos you can tweet @kobier and notify me, or send email to

Conference Schedule

Time Room 1 Room 2 Room 3
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06-Nov-08 09:00  

Matz's Keynote
Yukihiro 'Matz' Matsumoto
06-Nov-08 10:25

Future of RubyVM
06-Nov-08 11:15

Evan Phoenix
06-Nov-08 13:15

JRuby: What, Why, How...Try It Now
Charles Nutter, Tom Enebo
06-Nov-08 14:10
06-Nov-08 15:05

MacRuby: Ruby for your Mac
Laurent Sansonetti
06-Nov-08 16:20

John Lam
06-Nov-08 17:15

Testing Heresies
Francis Hwang

Ruby Persistence in MagLev
Bob Walker, Allan Ottis
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07-Nov-08 09:30
07-Nov-08 10:25

Fear of Programming
Nathaniel Talbott
07-Nov-08 11:15
07-Nov-08 13:15

Lightweight Web Services
Adam Wiggins & Blake Mizerany

How I Learned to Love JavaScript
Aaron Patterson, John Barnette
07-Nov-08 14:10
07-Nov-08 15:05

Ruby Heavy-Lifting
Ilya Grigorik
07-Nov-08 16:20

Components are not a dirty word
Mike Pence, Nick Sutterer

How Ruby Can Be Fast
Glenn Vanderburg
07-Nov-08 17:15

Organizing a Regional Conference
Alan Francis, Graeme Mathieson
07-Nov-08 19:30  

Dave Thomas
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08-Nov-08 09:30  

Questions & Answers
Yukihiro 'Matz' Matsumoto
08-Nov-08 10:25
08-Nov-08 10:40    
08-Nov-08 11:15

Ruby 1.9: What to Expect
David Black, Dave Thomas
08-Nov-08 13:15
08-Nov-08 14:10

Seattle.rb Rocks!
Seattle Ruby Brigade

Two Turntables And A Git Repo
Ben Bleything, Yossef Mendelssohn
08-Nov-08 15:05

Tcl for Rubyists
Sam Stephenson
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Lightning Talks

Charles Nutter

Evil Code
Ryan Davis

RSpec and Cucumber
David Chelimsky

The Nature of Truth
Yossef Mendelssohn

Ben Bleything

Jeremy Mcanally

Ruby Macros
Caleb Clausen

Micah Martin

Silver Bullet
Adam Keys

Ben Stiglitz
Ben Stiglitz


Presenters retain full rights to the content of their presentations, and have released them under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license.